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Sports massage for horses testimonials

My dressage horse had a very small limping problem behind and lately he didn't want to move forward (what before never was a problem). I had tried already so much, but nothing really helped. Already after 1 massage I noticed that he had his drive forward again, but the limping problem was not fully resoved yet. However, after the 2° massage, he did not limp anymore. I'm of course very happy.
Pamela V.

My horse is always tense. I was surprised to see that already after the first massage I noticed amelioration on certain points. The mouvement of the forelegs is more spacious and he can also descend his neck much easier. From now on my horse will be regularly treated on a massage!
Marleen O.

Our pony always took the right galop, even if after a jump he should go in left galop. After 2 treatments this problem is completely resolved. I will know let him massage more regularly.
Sandra L.

My mare Bona had a lot of different problems, including difficulties in right gallop and left bending. After the first osteopathic treatment there was already a clear amelioration, but the left bending was not yet optimal. Then after massage, Bona showed again a nice amelioration. She is now more supple at the left side. It was a pleasure to notice this immediately after the massage.
An. V

Thor walks and runs like a train again. He does not limb anymore and this already immediately after the first treatment. Nothing has helped him as much as this massage. I'm of course very happy.
Iris B.

We have bought our gelding so that our daughter could jump. At first, everything went well, but in time it became more difficult and the end, he even did not want to jump anymore. The result after 1 treatment was remarkable. He jumps again without any problems and in fact, it has never been so nice to ride him.
Kurt D.

I have a mare of 6 years who is very well-behaved, but who is very difficult to ride. She has a lot of difficulties in relaxing (unstress). I have tried already so many different things, but the only thing that helps her in getting more souple is the Jack Meagher sportsmassage. I'm very happy that I came in contact with it.
Elsje B.

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